Hall hire

Weston Centre interior 2    Weston Centre kitchen


Do you want to hire a hall, regularly or occasionally, right in the centre of Duffield?


Availability varies week by week, but the following gives a general guide:

Day Morning Afternoon Evening
Monday Not available Usually available
after 2.30 pm
Usually available
after 8.00 pm
Tuesday Not available Usually available
except third week in month
Not available
Wednesday Not available Sometimes available Occasionally available
Thursday Not available Sometimes available after 3.30 pm Occasionally available
Friday Not available Usually available Usually available
Saturday Not available Usually available Usually available
Sunday Booked one week each month Booked one week each month Usually available

Monday to Friday mornings, Monday early evenings and Tuesday evenings are booked for the whole year.  Some availability, additional to the above, at other times during holiday periods.

Car parking

The adjacent Viceroy Restaurant, who own the land, allows free car parking for anyone up to 5.00 pm.  Additionally there are five spaces which belong to the Weston Centre.


For further information, or to make a booking, contact Sally, tel 01332 841681, or email.

Please read the following for full details of bookings.

pdf symbol Hiring conditions
pdf symbol Booking form  Please check availability with Sally before completing this form.